About McGellan Group

McGellan Group is founded on prized values of honesty, transparency and client focus. As a key marketing and consultancy firm for established businesses, we believe commitment to growth and devotion to research is key to superior yields for our clientele.

While massive research value adds to our clients, nothing beats the authenticity of an immersive experience. McGellan Group have taken the liberty to put ourselves at the forefront of our products – be it beta testing or integrating ourselves into partner companies. As we do the pre-emptory legwork, clients are ensured trust and reliability in our focused efforts to build relationships.

The advantages of our foreign exchange financial products extend beyond the tangibles. Leveraging on our motto of ‘Evidence Based Marketing’, we complement our already extensive research with a proprietary 4-step analysis system: HIGH.


Hygiene Research

This step involves due diligence checks and Fit and Proper screening on the partner companies based on a set of stringent criteria. Partner companies must comply with licensing and registration guidelines in respective jurisdictions.

Integration Research

We integrate ourselves into the partner company to evaluate the products firsthand before launching in the market. By experiencing daily operations and business routines live, it better allows us to understand how the company can value add to McGellan clients.

General Research

We conduct supplementary research on the company from print and non-print avenues to ensure all grounds are covered. Industry associations play a crucial role in helping us to identify promising partners for a long term working relationship.


Our management team, boasting a combined 25 years of experience in various industries, deliberate over the decision based on key facts and figures. The team’s diversity and experience lend our discussions and decision-making better perspectives and well-roundedness.
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